About as

Company FERME was established in 1991. Our main activity is road transport of perishable goods.  Besides our core competence we also offer other services and activities:

-          organization and coordination of other transports
-          Management of other value added services  

Our own capacities comprise:  15 units, 10 semi – trailers and 5 solo units used for distribution in supply chain.  We are specialising transports in the regions of Northern Italy but developing also transports in other EU countries.  

In case we can not handle and execute transport with our fleet we cooperate with reliable sub-contractors.

We also can advise and assist in finding solutions meeting your standards.

Our services

Temperature controlled transports means transport of perishable cargo and cargo that requires special temperature.
Transport of frozen, fresh and  other types of cargo that requires temperature controlled regime. With our vehicles that meets HACCP standards and ATP agreement , we handle FTL , LTL and groupage service types. Temperature is measured and constantly followed. We  provide transports  with temperaure from  -25° C  up to + 30° C.
At transport of perishable cargo we must consider several factors that have influence on deliveries to final destination at perfect condition. That is why in our company we assure transports with highly educated staff and proper transport means.

Our company is at your disposal for any assistance and support  you might need.

Types of cargo we accept for transport: 
• eggs and diary products , including packed cheese
• fresh and packed fruit and vegetables
•packed fresh and frozen meat
• pharmaceuticals
• other types of cargo  that requires temperature controlled transport.